How to Write Method Section of a Qualitative Research Paper

12/05/11 7:00 AM

A qualitative research paper is different from a quantitative one which is done following varying approach. There are certain steps involved in writing the method section which every student has to know before they proceed to write a research paper. How to write method section of qualitative research paper is a question every student asks their research in charge for help.

To follow the right approach in writing a qualitative research paper you will go through a proper method. You do not have to include unnecessary material which is not subject related. Try to follow the outline you will make and then carry out work of collecting data.

An overwritten research paper exceeding page limit will only end up in deduction of marks which can badly affect your final result. Therefore, look for correct guidelines and tips on the Internet and follow them till the end.

To understand how to write method section of qualitative research paper you need to study about it first. Method section consists of two phases, first describes the collection of data and second emphasizes on the analysis of data. You can set both a part and write them systematically.

First write about the method you will use to collect appropriate data for qualitative research paper. This will include interviews, surveys, research, case studies and group discussions. You will define how each step helped you to select the right material needed.

You can incorporate the information about people you met who have helped you gain information about the topic and the verification process of data collected. Be specific about the information; do not elaborate it in paragraphs.

The second step would be analysis of the data collected which will be based on your observation and readings. To evaluate the data and understand it and to have a certain point of view about the topic is a vital task for writing a qualitative research paper. Your work should be of reliable quality so that the reader does not have to look at other places for authentic information. It should be a complete package of accurate information for the reader.

Your analysis should revolve around the subject which includes various aspects to be studied. You will define why you have included certain points in your outline to elaborate them in body of paper. On the basis of information and according to the need you will organize the data step by step.

This will give a proper shape to your research paper. Follow the analytical approach when you will draw the conclusion of your research paper. These are complete steps to know how to write method section of qualitative paper.

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