How to Write Introduction Paragraph in Term Paper

06/07/10 10:51 AM

The introduction is the most crucial point of your term paper; it is what sets the pace for the entire reader. The introduction paragraph in a term paper is what makes or breaks the entire piece. A term paper introduction is like a first impression which in this case decides the outcome of the article.

The sentence structure and information used in the introductory paragraph sets the stage for the following literature. The choice of words should be strategically formulated to grab the readers’ attention and keep him/her interested and wanting more. The instructions below will help in writing an introduction paragraph in term paper.

  1. You should first pick a topic for your term paper. Unless a topic hasn’t already been assigned by your professor, select one that interests you or one that is greatly discussed in recent times. This guarantees that you will be able to write effectively as information will be readily available.
  2. The next step in writing an introduction paragraph in a term paper is to narrow it down to capture a certain aspect of your chose topic. There is little point in writing about a vast field. Concentrating on a niche shows the reader that you’re focused right from the beginning.
  3. Now comes the first sentence, which should engage the reader. You can use a number of tactics for your opening sentence. You can start by using sarcasm, humor, fear or involve your topic and your reader in a sentence. If the opening sentence is dull or clichéd, it creates a boring and monotonous environment for the reader.
  4. Prepare a precise thesis statement. This is the foundation of the term paper and must be included in the introductory paragraph of every term paper.
  5. Conclude the introduction with a good ending. Don’t let this statement confuse you. The conclusion of the introduction paragraph in term paper should summarize the purpose of the term paper and set the stage for the rest its theme.
  6. Finally, when writing an introduction paragraph in term paper try not to use technical jargon right off the bat. Remember that it is not only the professor who is going to read it. The introduction should be simplified and direct for anyone to understand what this term paper is going to be on.

The tips above on writing an introduction term paper paragraph should prove useful and help you secure the grade you’re aiming for.

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