How to Write Executive Summary for Term Paper

02/07/10 1:18 PM

Executive summary is the one which previews the merely important points of comprehensive written material; either it is a term paper or an in-depth report. The purpose of this summary is to make a term paper easy and interesting for nontechnical people, who don’t have enough time to read detailed one. Although the executive summary is precise, it manages to cover essential information for the reader.

Writing an executive summary of term paper is technically similar to writing any sort of summary, which has the main theme to condense a larger document in to simple and short one. Here mentioned are the tips to write an executive summary for a term paper:

  1. The foremost tip in writing an executive summary is to think about the corresponding audience and write according to their needs and interests.
  2. Maintain the length of the summary; it should not be more than 10% of the term paper.
  3. As the summary should be precise, be sure that it includes the main theme of term paper, methods of research, results, conclusion and recommendations at any cost.
  4. Do emphasize on the main theme to convince the reader in this short reading material towards your opinion.
  5. Clear the goals and objectives of your term paper; ask recommendation and justify them as well.
  6. Another thing to consider is that executive summaries are demanded by some of the teachers with the term paper. Don’t scurry, you should not write it, until you have researched it completely.
  7. Once you have completed term paper, review it thoroughly, highlight the main points and then write an executive summary of the document.
  8. You can help with bullets, bold font and subtitles to make your summary easy to understand and good organizational structure.
  9. Try to write in your own words.
  10. Re-read the summary for any type of positive modification, like elimination of irrelevant information, grammatical and spelling error etc.
  11. Now read it for the personal judgment, to make sure that it is clear, understandable, precise and informative, it should be interesting to the reader too.
  12. Now, it would be better that if you ask a nontechnical person (your friend, spouse or parents) to read the term paper’s executive summary. Ask them for comments whether they find it boring or interesting, informative or useless. If they feel it boring or non-informative, try to modify it accordingly.

Do your best to write a standard executive summary, it will surely attract the readers. Best of luck!

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