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How to Write Critical Essays

Tuesday, May. 4th 2010

Critical essay writing is a daunting task for the novice in critical review of others work.  It describes your attitude to wards a specific topic. It is not simply your opinions or comments but rather a critical appreciation backed with concrete evidence and convincing arguments. Seemingly critical implies a negative connotation but contrary to this, it can be either positive or negative. It is an objective, unbiased and impartial critical analysis of the specific subject.

Whether you are critically analyzing the James Cameron‘s movie “Avatar”, Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich dad poor dad”, Pablo Picasso’s paintings or plausible plays of the William Shakespeare, you have to strive for digging out factual information and data for being a credible critique. Following guidelines equip you with the art of critical essay writing to fetch good grades and professional critique essay writer triumphs.

1.    Analyze the topic
Determine the theme of your essay. Before setting out for critical essay writing, provide a brief statement of your basic idea, this basic idea is referred as the thesis statement of your chosen topic for critical analysis.

2.    Research the topic
An extensive amount of research is needed for uttering critical remarks regarding the subject matter. A well researched topic furnishes you plenty of useful information and enables you to sideline irrelevancies present in the topic. After segregating irrelevant material, read and repeat it multiple times to build the sound understanding of the topic.

3.    Sketch the skeleton
Brainstorm to float as many ideas as possible from diverse perspectives of the topic. Now arrange those ideas in the form of outline in sequential and logical manner. It should have a coherent flow of ideas leading to summary and wrap up of the topic.

4.    Strongly present your point of view
Critical writing demands credible evidence and a great deal of information to support or oppose the point of view of self or the others. Support your stance with renowned quotations, statistics, and theoretical concepts to validate your arguments.

5.    Be well organized in the discussion
All of the sentences, paragraphs and assertions are logically arranged. Make sure to keep tone serious and objective reflecting that you are not a naïve.

6.    Wrap up your write-up
Give a brief summary of your subject under critical analysis, play, movie, novel, drama, book or other literary work. It should contain the essence of your analysis.

Follow the same essay writing style of introduction, body and conclusion. Once you complete your critical essay writing, set your written essay aside for a couple of days then dust it off to read again. This will enable you to plug in the loopholes present in your essay in the form of logical errors and irrelevancies; it will result in the improved flow of your essay.

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