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How to Write Comparison Essays

Wednesday, Apr. 28th 2010

In comparison essay, you either compare or contrast something. Comparative essay calls for a comparison between two things. Comparison essay prominences the pattern of contrasting differences and similarities of subjects, people, facts, events etc. Comparison essay is also known as contrast essay. This type of essay ordinarily analyzes either only the similarities or only the differences.

General steps, guidelines and patterns of writing comparison essay:

In general, there are the guidelines, structures and steps for creating a comparison essay, although there are no set formulas. The first step in creating a comparison essay is, analyzing the topic carefully. It is the responsibility of writers to ensure that the research is well understood.
When writing the introduction, writer should start with general points which make similarities. Then writer should organize the sequence of paragraphs in the main body of essay and must determine the structure of essay.

There are majorly two patterns or methods of comparison essays which are block arrangement and alternating or point by point arrangement.
Comparison essay having block arrangement is comparing the topic, particularly mentions same points in same position and in same order. While, alternation arrangement in comparison essay mentions the contrast, paragraph by paragraph. Initially, discuss about the first thing then compare it with other thing in thereafter paragraphs. I.e. it doesn’t mention in the same location and order.

Comparison essay should be properly written and it should not be repetitive. Author should use the plain language and to create the readers’ interest. After using any above method in the body segment, you should prepare the conclusion and in last must proof read your writing.

Comparison essay writing is required mostly in academic levels. Research should be strong enough that authors make sure their essay is strong and well addressed. Each and every point should be clear and follow logical sequence. One should learn above all characteristics and practices them as much as possible to become outstanding in writing comparison essay.

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