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How to Write an Expository Essay?

Thursday, May. 13th 2010

Value of any kind of writing is exceedingly mounted, when done with a unique purpose in perspective. In order to achieve this uniqueness, the field of writing has gone through a number of evolutionary phases, the combined process of which has led to the emergence of different forms of essays. Each of these essays serves an exclusive need. While keeping the essence of doing this segregating exercise, an essay which exists to direct or enlighten the reader about a particular topic on the basis of facts is known as Expository Essay. The requirement of writing an expository essay is pretty simple; what the reader expects from a writer of an expository essay is to be understandable, presentable, and logical in explaining of any topic. Although, from given purpose or objective of expository essay, it may sound an uncomplicated exercise but it is only so, when one takes care of following things in writing of it.

  • Like for every other essay, the topic of expository essay should be selected or thought off well. The topic should neither be very broad that it becomes difficult to cover, nor it should be that narrow that you find yourself helpless in writing on it. Also, while selecting the topic, don’t forget to keep your reader in mind i.e. select a topic exactly in accordance with your readers’ level of acceptability and adaptability to the topic.
  • A usual approach followed for introducing expository essays is called as Funnel Technique. Simply putting, a proper introduction moves from general to specific; for making an ultimate impression on the reader of expository essay, the writer has to prepare the reader to listen to his or her opinion about an expository essay’s topic. This could be done by initiating essay with emphasis on those aspects, which are indirectly related to topic. Furthermore, thinking of most appropriate words for introductory paragraphs of your expository essay is also essential for ever-lastingness of an expository essay.
  • Make sure that the main body of an expository essay should be suitably divided into an apt length and number of paragraphs.
  • Facts are of utmost importance in writing of an expository essay. All these facts should be comprehensively discussed in the body of expository essay as this method will enrich your essay with the support of some exciting but reliable facts.
  • The final affair of expository essay i.e. conclusion should be both, restatement of your essay’s introduction and reflection of your ideas presented in body.

Going along with these tips in writing of your expository essay can lead you to be the producer of coherent write-up.

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