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How to Write a Term Paper – Teacher’s Perspective


Academic challenges, with which students are confronted during their college or university lives, demand seriousness and devotedness of students. In other words, these challenges ask students to be well-organized in their approach of dealing with them. One of such contending tests is writing of a term paper. The criticalness of this task can be weighed from the fact that this assignment has repeatedly made or break students’ academic careers.

In order to be at ease while writing a term paper, it’s best to put yourself in reader(s) moccasin. Simply putting, in writing of your term paper, you have to assume the roles of both the writer and the reader simultaneously. Now this dual duty can only be performed well, when you have planned and forethought the requirements of your term paper, a way before the due time of its submission. By performing it well, it is meant to write a term paper, which eventually proves to be a source of good grades for you as well. Otherwise, haphazard approach can bring no more than a messy result in front of you.

How to cover introductory part of a term paper? All time’s difficult question, but having a simple answer: be focused. While introducing your term paper, in different traditionally followed sections of a term paper report, you, should try avoiding putting unnecessary prologues, and have to fine tune the topic with selection of most appropriate words. You cannot afford to take this section of your term paper lightly as the notion of “first impression is the last impression” is also fully applicable here; you have to very serious and smart in writing of it. Another important aspect, which facilitates writing introduction of your term paper, is creativity of your topic. The more shrewdly you would have thought of your term paper topic at the commencement of your term paper exercise, the easier it would be for you to cover this part of the report.

Conventionally, the main segments of introductory part are preface, content outline, statement, objectives of the study, importance, methodology, research instruments and the like. When you arrive at the task of writing the body parts of the term paper, attempt to keep the reader along with you in every part of it. Putting it differently, you should try to convince the reader with every bit of your term paper body. After a comprehensive coverage of main parts like findings and analysis of your term paper, you have to write an impressive conclusion, which should be a reaffirmation of your introductory thoughts.

Apart from giving attention to different parts of term paper report, special consideration should be given to set of rules, which are required to be followed in citing of a term paper. Every assigner of a term paper likes his or her students to strictly follow only one of popularly known citing formats like MLA, APA or Harvard Referencing throughout the report. You should be aware of the format, in which your teacher wants to see your term paper report, beforehand. When you think that you are completely done with writing part of your term paper, then read the entire paper thrice at least to find and rectify any possible errors.

Sternly following of these tips can end up with a high-quality term paper in your hand.

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