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How to Write a Term Paper Proposal

Thursday, Oct. 7th 2010

If you have been wondering on how to write a term paper proposal then chances are you have been assigned to prepare and submit a comprehensive term paper, for it is only these kinds of term papers that require a proposal as a supplementary document. If you have been browsing around to search for an article on how to write a term paper proposal, then this is it. The subject matter of this article specializes in preparing a first class term paper proposal. Here you will find general guidelines and tips on how to write a term paper proposal.

Before we begin, it is important to understand what a proposal actually is and what it signifies. A term paper proposal is a tool intended to persuade, convince or introduce your topic and field of interest as a term paper topic to your professor. It is a written document that expresses and outlines the viability of a research area. It is used to gain the professor’s approval and acceptance of the topic and the ‘go-ahead’; much like a green light.

Listed below is a list of major elements that are generally expected to be included in a proposal document. Keep in mind that all these components are not necessarily needed. This article on how to write an  essay term paper proposal lists all those possible components that may be needed.

Cover page

This page identifies the critical indentifying information.  It contains the title, the name, contact details of the author and other related information. It is sort of like an academic business card.


This portion of a proposal encompasses the primary and critical points of your intended research project. It addresses the, who, what, where, when, how and why questions that the professor may be interested in.


The introductory paragraph’s purpose is to present the project in an appealing manner to draw the professor’s interest in the project.


This is a critical component of this article on how to write a term paper proposal. It basically outlines the methods you will use to achieve the intended and desired outcome of this project.


A conclusion of the proposal is needed to provide a finishing to the proposal. Note that this is not the conclusion of your intended research area. Use a convincing manner of writing and reiterate the finer points of this proposal.

By following the guideline above you will have realized the how to write a term proposal is not as difficult as it appears.

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