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How to Write a Term Paper on Academic Freedom

Monday, Jan. 31st 2011

Academic freedom is defined as the freedom given to teachers and students in a school to express and share their ideas and views without any restriction or limitations. If you want help on how to write a term paper on academic freedom, this article will guide you. Following are some guidelines that will help you in how to write a term paper on academic freedom.

Before you start term paper writing on academic freedom, make an outline in your mind. Decide how you will gather information on your term paper.  Do brainstorming, it will help you to generate many ideas. You may list down all ideas that come to your mind related to academic freedom.

Once you are done with brain storming, start gathering information. There are many sources of information available for you. You may opt for reading those books that have been written on academic freedom. You may explore the Internet; you may get help from teachers as well regarding academic freedom. Make sure that once you have gone through these sources of information, you reproduce that work. If you copy and paste work of others, that will be plagiarism. Remember plagiarism is a crime. Give proper references of sources from where you have gathered material.

After gathering information, start writing the first draft of your term paper. Write an introduction at first. In the introduction of your term paper, write about what academic freedom is. Describe how much academic freedom is there in schools and colleges of the United States. According to the Supreme Court of the United States, academic freedom means the freedom of a university or school in the United States that give them specific rights to determine that who will teach what and what will be taught in schools and colleges.

Describe those factors that limit academic freedom in schools, colleges and universities. You may also describe the “1940 Statement on Academic Freedom and Tenure”. Describe how academic tenure protects academic freedom and why academic freedom is necessary. Highlight importance of academic freedom for professors and students. Discuss that how much significant the American Association of University Professors (“AAUP”) and the Association of American Colleges (AAC) are in protecting and promoting academic freedom.  Discuss those controversies that are associated with academic freedom.

You may interview different students, teachers and professors in order to know their perspective on academic freedom. Ask them whether they favor any academic freedom or not. You may include some examples that will demonstrate few significances and harms of academic freedom.

When you think that you have written enough information in your research paper regarding significances, controversies, perspectives, and disadvantages of academic freedom, come to the conclusion of your term paper on academic freedom. Make the conclusion part of your research paper very clear. The conclusion of term paper should highlight important points that have been mentioned in your term paper along with supporting evidences.

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