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How to Write a Perfect Admission Essay

Wednesday, Apr. 7th 2010

Every human is an artist in him or herself; how true this philosophical belief is, is an unsettled point. But there is one art, the ownership of which is a must for every literate person and that is an art of writing. No matter what you intend to become by profession in your life, knowing well to write can lead you to heavens of success. The importance of writing well can be realized from the fact that something written is always given more value than something said. With realization of soaring significance of writing in the lives of professionals, writing of an essay has become a requirement to get admission in colleges or universities offering professional studies.

If you have never participated in your school-level term paper writing competition and now you are seeking admission in college or a university, your anxiousness is not a matter of surprise. On the other hand, if you have always been a top notch in such competitions, good luck to you; you are the one who knows to do some magic with a pen and paper which will definitely help in getting you a paramount essay but writing of an admission essay necessitates presence of some bonus skills.

The need for this supplementary know-how is due to difference between objectives of writing of an academic and an admission essay.  At a school level, one writes either for good grades or to content the craving of getting a reward by winning the contest. Writing of an admission essay is like something doing out of the ordinary. It is creating of an impression on authorities who will make you enter and stay at the learning place of your desire. What further makes it as a hard task, to do, is a bit inapplicability of pre-learned writing expertise on essays.

The essence of admission essay lies in putting, what you personally think about a given topic, question or phenomenon, in a readable pattern. The reader(s) of admission essay wants applicants to write something which is effective, outstanding and unforgettable. You have to put every such possible thing in your admission essay, which could possibly enthuse the reader. Some educationalists consider essay writing more arduous than even an interview; the argument given in justification of this point is that in an interview you can somewhat make up for what you feel lacking in you, but in case of an essay all the reader has, for judging your capabilities, are your words, sentences and paragraphs putted collectively in the shape of an essay. Therefore, an admission essay should be of a caliber that reflects your personality, your past education, your skills and your life experiences in a truthful manner.

Ability to “stand out in a crowd” is a master key to open any closed doors in this world. In other words, creating a competitive advantage is not only important for a company marketing its products, but it is more important for individuals wanting to progress sooner than their colleagues. Remember, this principle of differentiating yourself perfectly works in writing of admission essay as well.

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Posted by Janele Frederick | in Admission Essays

2 Comments on “How to Write a Perfect Admission Essay”

  1. Shona Novello Says:

    You seem very chuffed about this subject and it comes across. Looking forward to future posts. Thank you.

  2. Luis Ruell Says:

    I’m so happy to have found your source of this specific topic which match my blog and forum, can I use some of it there if I go and link to your blog?

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