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How to write a paper about gender stereotypes in media

Saturday, Dec. 10th 2011

Before beginning to write any type of paper you must do some research on the topic which has been given to you, in this case, your topic is gender stereotypes in media. Now the first thing you have to do is gather some very interesting research. Your instructor will give you points for a good research. But you must also understand what the topic is asking of you. For this topic you must write about the different type of gender stereotypes in the media industry and what types of people and activities those people do that are targeted by the media. So you must not get controversial or start writing for the media. So you must know how to write a paper about gender stereotypes in media.

Give a nice introduction. Your introduction should point what role the media is playing in our lives and how important it has become. Then give some points about how the media indulges in stereotypical activities. Here is an example which can help you write a good introduction and the body of your essay. The media is becoming even more powerful in shaping the perception of the world and the people living in it. The media changes what image the people have of themselves.

In this world living while having to maintain one’s own special and unique identity along with self understanding has become quite difficult. The main stereotypes which fundamentally damage this self integrity are the stereotypes which are associated with race, gender and social class. These stereotypes are highlighted by the media everyday are always baseless, artificial and emotionally unattainable.

Due to the heavy media interaction in gender stereotyping the public is now highly aware of the existence of these stereotypes and the damage which can be caused by them. These stereotypes have been artificially created and now are dominant, which means they are difficult to get rid of. This a very important point to know how to write a paper about gender stereotypes in media.

After giving this introduction you must then go on to explaining how to combat these stereotypes created by the media and more importantly why they have been created. You must also mention the fact that the media gives special attention to celebrities and their lifestyles; you can also mention that there are entire television reality programs which are based on these celebrities.

Finally write a good conclusion enlightening the readers about what they should about this stereotyping. All in all these are some of the steps to knowing how to write a paper about gender stereotypes in media.

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