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How to Write a Deductive Essays

Monday, May. 3rd 2010

A type of essay in which you form a deductive argument with some logical reasoning is called deductive essay. An effective deductive essay is cleared and focused.  Deductive essay follows a logical path in which you have to explain everything with logics. Deductive Essays would not have normal thesis but it will reflect the developed logics of many aspects of selected topic. We use deductive reasoning quite commonly in our daily life. It enhances our analytical reasoning ability, critical and logical skills.

Steps of writing deductive essays:

There are three steps of writing deductive essays. These are defined below:

The first part is premise which is a basic fact or reality. In premise you are required to give reasons and the basic ideas on which you will draw the conclusion. There can be more than one premise in one argument. You will provide background in the premise so that one can measure rest of the logical progression. You need to keep the focus tighter on premise when drafting deductive essays.

Evidences are the proofs on which one can rely on. It can be a real story you have analyzed or something you have observed. After analyzing premise you have to provide evidences to link premise with conclusion. You can include article, scientific findings or any other piece of information to prove your theory. It will boost the credibility to your findings.

The final step is conclusion in which you will drive to the final point after analyzing the situation based on premise with evidence. Your conclusion will act as a proof for the premise. Be clear, specific and confident as you have provided all the necessary information with evidences to support your points.

Whatever you write, remember to include three paragraphs each describing premise, evidence and conclusion. Never lose your focus and remain attentive while writing. Makes sure you link the logic with correct point, keep the language simple and understandable.

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