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How To Write a College Level Research Paper

Tuesday, Jan. 18th 2011

Are you being assigned with a task of writing a research paper by your college instructor and have no idea about how to write it? Don’t worry here are the guidelines describing how to write a college level research paper:

Before writing a college research paper, start with developing a general outline in your mind about how you will conduct the research. The outline will include steps that will be included in your research and time that you will be required making the first draft of your research paper. After this you will allocate proper time to each of the step. You may go for writing an either analytical or argumentative research paper. In an analytical research paper, researchers first develop an own interpretation and then develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement explains the theme of the research paper. In an argumentative research paper, researcher gets support to stand on an issue by using different information as an evidence to support issue.

Once you have formulated a general outline about how you will write a research paper, next step is to choose a topic. If you have been already provided with a topic by your college instructor then go for that. If you are going to choose a topic by your own then avoid selecting very general topic but choose a specific one so that you remain precise in your research. Prefer choosing a topic of your interest so that you don’t get frustrated once you have you continued your research.

Second step in writing a research paper is to write a thesis statement after you have chosen the topic. The thesis statement will describe your judgment about the topic with the evidences.

In the third step, identify the sources from where you will gather information. The sources may include published articles, websites, books, blogs and recorded interview as well. If your college instructor has provided you with the specific source to be used then go for that otherwise prefer the sources where you believe appropriate information will be easily available.

After identifying the sources of information, start gathering the information from these sources. Read articles and books that are related to your topic and go for an expert who can provide you with adequate information.

When you believe that you have gathered appropriate information, start writing. Remember, Plagiarism is a crime. Avoid plagiarism do. Produce your own material. Include proper citation and reference in your work.

Follow the style that has been instructed by your college instructor such as APA, MLA or Chicago styles for formatting whole of the research paper.

Do a revision of whatever you have written. Do make spelling and grammar check. In the last step of writing down a research paper, proof read your paper or let someone else proof read the complete research paper.

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