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How To Write a Cause And Affect Paper?

Wednesday, Feb. 2nd 2011

To write a cause and affect paper, you can start by writing about an event, some trends or even a phenomenon. An essay of this type shows the ability of the writer to connect reasons for why things happened and the result/consequence of that happening. The background should be presented with adequate details, so that the reader is aware of the basis of this paper.

In writing a cause and affect term paper, initially try and explain to your audience what you will be telling them.  Keep referring to the cause, to link and connect the cause and the effect. This linking and connecting will make clear to your audience the probable cause and the consequent effect.

After that in your cause and affect paper, reiterate what you explained previously to your audience, and then make limited major points, as too many points tend to confuse your audience.

To write a cause and affect paper, be sure that the essay is properly presented. Start with a thesis statement to your essay, and each paragraph following the first paragraph must start with a topic sentence that elaborates on the cause and effect for discussion.

When your start writing a cause and affect paper, make a list of all the causes or all of the effects. You do not have to write all of them in your paper, but this way you get to chose what you will write about. It would be impractical to write about all the causes or effects, but it is possible to list several causes and effects under one heading in each paragraph.

In writing a cause and affect paper, your causes should have adequate details supporting them. When beginning your paragraph, write your point clearly, and then provide details in support so that your reader fully understands the why and how of your cause.

Have a reason for the order in which you present your information. There is probably a pre-dominant cause or effect that over shadows other causes and effects. Some contend that your major cause and effect should be presented initially to grab the reader’s attention. Others are of the opinion that the major cause and effect should be written at the end to leave a lasting impression on the reader. It is better to develop your rationale for the order in which you think you need to present your cause and effect.

Last but least, when asked to write a cause and affect college term paper, remember that the cause and effect does not recommend how to change the situation, simply why the situation is good or bad. If writing a short cause or effect essay (350-499 words) limit the topic to either the causes or the effects.

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