How to Write a Brief Abstract For a Research Paper

13/05/11 6:40 AM

An abstract for a research paper is a summary that has to be prepared before you move on to write the research paper. It revolves around the argument to explain the main purpose of a research. How to write a brief abstract for a research paper is a question students ask their teachers every now and then. The main concept of the subject is written in the abstract.

You have to stay precise and to the point while writing this particular page. An abstract does not have to exceed the page limit or the word count provided by the instructor, therefore, take into account this factor while preparing an abstract. It should give a clear picture of your topic, i.e. what will be written in the body of paper and why you have selected this topic. After reading the abstract your reader will be able to get an idea of information that he will find in the paper.

How to write a brief abstract for a research paper should be understood before writing it. This step would help you avoid mistakes and unnecessary inclusion of irrelevant material. You do not have to add up the facts and figures in an abstract. There is no need to incorporate sources or reference from books, as it has to be simple and written by you.

The abstract should define the gist of your paper; therefore, make sure you find a friend to read this paper to let you know if you have written it correctly. If you find any problem in giving a brief sketch of your topic then you can always look for tips on the Internet. There are guidelines regarding abstract available online which will facilitate you at every step.

To stay brief is the most difficult task for writing an abstract. Students use phrases that they find impressive but are too long that it becomes hard for them to end their abstract within one page. Therefore, to stay precise, use words that are simple and will define purpose of the topic. Write short sentences and do not include incidents which will bore your reader.

In an abstract the reader expects a reason to read your research. Be sure you provide him with that reason; otherwise your research will be left untouched. Follow each and every point wisely to know how to write a brief abstract for a research paper. For more help you can always have a meeting with your instructor to guide you properly.

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