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How to Write a Biology Paper in APA Format

Wednesday, May. 4th 2011

A biology paper has to be written by following particular guidelines which make the paper more effective. The research paper must show the confidence of a scientist and also show his or her expressive efficiency in the experiment they have carried out in the paper. In order to know how to write a biology paper in APA writing format is essential that you understand the APA format. This article is written to provide help for those you do not know how to write a biology paper in APA format.

This article contains guidelines and steps to knowing how to write a biology paper in APA format. A biology term paper contain the methods a scientist has used to conduct the experiment, how he did what he did, what were the sources he used and what was the end result. Compared to liberal art essays which are discursive and you can write your essay based on emotion, hyperbole or adjectives, biology essay are different.

The APA format is a citation style which is used by the departments of biology of very few schools. The guidelines are stringent and must be followed appropriately. You must show where you got your information from, the sources and the references and how other students could find that information in the future.

Write the necessary information regarding the background of the reader. You must make sure you mention and cite other researcher’s work following the APA style in text citations, in which the author’s name comes first, then the year when the book came out and then the parentheses.

Furthermore write the aims, ideas and the hypotheses of your experiment. This will be your introduction so as to give the logics and methods of your experiment in the methods section. In the methods section explain your experiment, give concise and clear detail. Remember biology papers are read by scientists so you do not have to waste time on explaining something what they already know.

Come to the results section and explain the outcome of the experiment. Here also you must write in a very clear and expressive manner. Do not leave out intrinsic details. But remember that this is the result section and the discussion.

Now in the discussions section you must define the meaning of your experiment. Your discussions must also refer to other studies made by other scientists. Proceed onto writing the abstract for your paper. The abstract comes before the introduction and you must explain the point of this paper in three to five lines.

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