How to Make Term Paper

02/07/10 12:53 PM

At some point in your academic journey you will be asked to make a term paper that adds significantly to your final grade. A term paper is basically the final production and representation of your learning in a course. It shows the examiner how you have grasped the subject after applying your thinking and analytical skills.

A solid, well produced term paper gives you that extra edge needed to get the ‘A’ grade. Making a term paper is not a difficult task. Follow the simple steps below that will help you get started with your term paper.

Step 1

You need to start the term paper by thinking of a term paper topic and narrowing it down further to address a certain, focused aspect. This will help you set the direction and scope of your term paper and channel research material.

Step 2

Establish your purpose for choosing this term paper topic in your introduction. This will set the stage for your thesis statement which is crucial to making a term paper. A thesis statement is a short concise statement that you will fully support throughout your term paper.

Step 3

It’s time to begin researching your specific area of interest. Remember to stick to the issue addressed in your thesis statement. It will help you stay focused and avoid irrelevant research. You may use the internet, text books or lectures to collect information for your term paper

Step 4

The next step while making a paper is to outline it. A rough presentation of how you will go about expanding your term paper will help you plan better and allow you to explain your thesis statement in a systematic and convincing manner. The benefit of creating an outline before you start is it assembles and filters all the research material you have collected.

Step 5

Begin your supporting paragraphs. To make a term paper successful, the paragraphs must defend your thesis statement throughout, so be sure to shed light on it from time to time. Provide supporting evidence that backs it up.

Step 6

The conclusion is an important aspect in making a term paper successful. Conclude with a punch line or statement that reiterates your thesis statement and makes it all the more convincing to the reader.

Step 7

Unless a referencing format has already been assigned to you, pick from one of the widely used term paper formats such as APA, MLA and so on.

Step 8

With a fresh set of eyes, proof read your term paper before submitting it.

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