How to Get Good Grades

01/06/10 9:43 AM

Scores exhibit the level of students’ intelligence, capabilities and potentials. Meticulous students are always concerned of their grades and find ways to get good remarks. Offspring does not forget the good words said about them. Love, care and affection from parents and teachers help them improving swiftly.

If you are a student and getting worried for your grades, just remember that if you will study with a fear of failing, insult, punishment, then you would not be able to prove yourself.

In paper how to get good grades, there are some tips to be kept in mind by the students.

Be Regular:

As a student, you must be regular in school and attend all lectures otherwise you can miss the most important points stated by your teacher.

Stay Relaxed:

To be active in class, you must stay relaxed.  It is advisable to have proper sleep, healthy breakfast, wearing neat uniform and shoes, and coming school with pre-reading of your next topic. If everything at your end is fixed, then would be able to participate actively in class discussions.


Your reading habit will make you outstanding student of the class. If you pre-read your textbook you will already know what the teacher teach you currently. Furthermore there are many topics, you cannot understand in class lectures, which you will know by reading it from different text books and reference books because variety of books gives you detailed explanation of lecture delivered by teacher.

Take notes:

How to get good grades? Answer lies in listening your teacher carefully and noting down each and every point of lecture. There will be some points which your teacher will repeat many times, these are most important points to be noted because it can come in your exams and would help you in scoring good grades. Some teachers share their personal experiences, you must remember this, as they are really valuable and you can implement it in your life.


This is incredibly useful tip to relate your studies to anything in surroundings; it will help you in retaining things for a longer period of time. Furthermore you can easily recall the topic, if you would have imaginary picture in your mind relating to something in surrounding.


Discussing the content with your classmates and friends will help you memorizing the text. You can also clear ambiguous concepts while discussing it with others.

Ask Questions:

Do not ever hesitate to ask questions; even how much it is silly or shamed to be asked. People do not remember longer what you did or what you have asked, but it will surely enhance your knowledge for lifetime. Teachers want you to be attentive and alert in class, it shows that you are taking interest in lecture and you have zeal to study hard.

Good relationship with teachers and classmates:

It is quite worthwhile for students to be disciplined, active and attentive in class for making good impressions. How to get good grades requires that you must have contented relations with your teacher. As we know first experience is the last, some teachers grant grades based on past experience and relationship with students.

Remember, students with good grades are always on priority for many things. The better your grades are and you will have large network of friends, scholarships opportunities, and better career opportunities in future.

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