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How to do Reference of a Term Paper

Monday, Aug. 30th 2010

This article how to do references of a term paper is quite beneficial for the students, because it helps you a lot in the toughest part of your term paper writing; “the references” References are the most important part of the term paper, it compiles all the sources consulted or quoted in body of the term paper. It also offers proper credit where it is needed and shows non-plagiarized writing of the writer.

Although this is the most important part of term paper but students feel it the most horrible and try to keep away from it as much as they can. Students feel it hectic because they don’t aware with its proper format and working. They do lots of mistakes in writing, some of them are written below;

  • Most of the times, students do not note down the complete information regarding the resource.
  • Sometimes, they use data from unreliable resources like unreliable internet websites, which have no worth in research.
  • Sometimes, they don’t jot down the collected references carefully and hence face problem at the time of citation.
  • Sometimes, they are unaware of its accurate formatting.

To do proper reference of a term paper, one must avoid these errors as much as possible.

Now, I am going to write some easy tips which will give you an idea that how to do references of a term paper, properly.

  • Firstly, title your reference page with “references” in the middle of the page. You should neither underline the title nor enclose it in quotation marks. The reference page should be a separate page at the end of the term paper, but should be numbered consecutively.
  • Enter citations or references in alphabetical order. Use double-space in between two separate citations, but do not use spaces in between the lines of the same reference. For in-text citations you should write the author’s last name with page number in parentheses which are separated by a comma.
  • When you are going to do references of a term paper, you should write a book’s reference as: Author’s last name(s), complete book title, place of publication, name of publisher, and year of publication with edition of the book. Book title should be in italic and bold in font.
  • Add all the references carefully, because if any of the reference will be missed from this list, it can’t give an absolute citation of your term paper.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the writing journey.

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