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How to Do a Non-Plagiarized Paper with a List of References

Friday, Feb. 17th 2012

In order to make sure that you have written a non -plagiarized paper you must approach writing your report with the mind frame that all the material you produce will be completely transparent. You have to make a conscious effort of making sure that you rephrase any and all information you refer to from another source. In case that you quote information from another source you need not obviously rephrase but you have to show recognition for the individual whom you have quoted.

Now this article will attempt to provide general guidelines as to how to do a non-plagiarized paper with a list of references. First of all when you begin the report creation process you will perform various forms of research. This will entail that you perform both primary research and secondary research. Now incase that in the process of conducting primary research you collect information through interviews and surveys you must make sure that you present any information that you directly take word to word in quotes. After which you must mention the name of the individual quoted. The fact is that we as humans have succeeded and pushed the boundaries of advancement due to our creative ideas. So in order to protect this process that has allowed us to grow we must respect the creative ideas and thoughts of others.

When you take information in your research from secondary sources you have to give due credit to the author. To ensure true transparency of your efforts in report writing you must provide full details of the source referred to. This means that you provide comprehensive publishing information regarding date of publication, the location of publication, the city of publication and of course the name of the publisher. You see you must understand that due to the reasons explained in this article it is highly likely that the submitting authorities will check to see if you have plagiarized in the creation of your report. You need to know how to do a non-plagiarized paper with a list of references to ease the checking of your report for cases of plagiarism.

In the case that you do not provide a list of references in the appropriate format required in the report this will make the task of checking your efforts for plagiarism difficult. Now in case you happen to be a student the end result will be that the instructor due to the number of reports they have to check each term and the fact that since instructors have to check so many similar reports each semester for years relatively desensitizes them to take up any individual case you will receive an F in your report. Hopefully you now realize the importance of knowing how to do non-plagiarized paper with a list of references.

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