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How to Conclude a Term Paper

24/07/10 3:11 PM

Whether it’s a term paper, research paper, report or an essay, a conclusion is needed to provide the necessary finishing and weight to the writing. However, a term paper perhaps has the greatest need for a conclusion, in-fact you cannot call a term paper complete without a carefully written term paper conclusion.

The conclusion is the most elementary attribute of a term paper, it basically contains the result of your research and a term paper means nothing without it. The tips below will teach you how to conclude a term paper.

A conclusion can take on a reflective form whereby you can make the reader look back on your research and evidence. In your term paper conclusion, reflect on the past paragraphs to shed light on the evidence presented that will finally lead up to the result.

To conclude your term paper, the last paragraph can even serve as a summary whereby you can summarize the purpose of the term paper in a single phrase or sentence. Another interesting conclusion is to use the ‘call for action’ theme where you urge the reader to take a practical step in light of the term paper topic, to support it.

Another approach when figuring out how to conclude a term paper is to give the reader advice and perspective. Ofcourse this advice should be related to the term paper topic. For example, if you’re arguing that Dell laptops are better than Acer laptops, and if you have successfully supported that, then you can advise the readers to purchase Dell laptops in light of the evidence and analysis you have created.

One more way to conclude a term paper is to leave the reader with a question. This question’s purpose is to challenge the reader’s common sense, rationality and intellectual ability after he read’s your analysis and cited research.

Although the conclusion holds no new information, it is the only genuine contribution written by you. The conclusion is what actually reflects the writer’s ability, thought process and writing flare.

To write a solid conclusion, make sure it reflects your thesis statement which was mentioned right in the beginning. This serves as a reminder for the reader as your stance and argument are reiterated.

It’s best if you use a persuasive tone and manner of expression in your term paper. The goal is to sound as convincing as possible so that you can bring the reader to your side after he/she reads your work.

Hopefully these points will help you in concluding a term paper which will ultimately earn you an excellent grade.

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