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How to Complete an MLA Paper with References

Wednesday, Feb. 8th 2012

You will be required to create reports in you advanced education in various report writing formats including MLA. The sooner you learn this report writing formats the better of you will be in the future. Now in any required formats you must follow the rules as how to develop references. You must know how to complete an MLA paper with references if you intend to receive a grade worthy of your efforts. In the given case that you do not know how to complete an MLA paper with references you will likely receive a failing grade in that term paper and probably fail the course in which the MLA paper was assigned.

This article will attempt to guide you on how to complete an MLA paper with references. The guidance provided by this article has to write references for a MLA format report will be general in nature. This is because specific requirements for writing references in the MLA format will differ from institute to institute and professors accordingly.

The title of your references in MLA format will be “Work Cited” in the top center of the page. All sources mentioned as sources referred to must be presented in aligned left text. Each source referred to must be mentioned in the references section in the alphabetical order according to each authors’ name. All the dates of publication of each source used must present the month in abbreviation except of May, June and July. When writing your references according to the MLA format for a book write the authors Last name first and place a full stop right after. Underline the name of the book in your references and then place a full stop according to the MLA format. Write the place of publication and add a colon. Next state the name of publication and place a comma. Last mention the year of publication and place a full stop.

While writing references for sources such as articles write the authors last name first and end the authors name with a full stop. Write the name of the article in quotations. Please make sure all punctuations are inside these quotes. Next present the name of publication and underline it. Please do not close this part of the references with a period. Next state the volume number of the publication.

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