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How to Avoid Bogus Essay Websites

Saturday, Apr. 24th 2010

You want to earn decent grades. Deadline for submission of essay is approaching fast; you don’t have enough time to start writing an essay on your own. Outsourcing is the only option you are considering! This is what most of the time starved students and individuals resort to when badly trapped in the maze of multiple imminent deadlines. As you do a Google search, there are many online essay writing websites offering essay writing services to students. They write customized essays for students and other professionals who look for plagiarism free and quality essays.

Most of the websites offering essay writing services brag about the originality of their essays but when these essays are put into the plagiarism detection software often are detected as plagiarized. Students get caught with academic cheating and dishonesty which results in their wastage of money, extremely poor academic grades and bad impression before their professor and colleagues. Here are the ways that can help you to avoid bogus essay websites involved in online scams.

1)    Test before you order.
If you have decided to order customized term papers, then don’t leap to order on full scale and finalize deal. Order a small essay much before deadline to test the authenticity of website and originality of the write-up. If you have been handed over a written essay by the website that you outsourced within assigned deadline and according to your specifications, never forget to test it in plagiarism detection software for its originality. If the essay proves its originality then order else quit because it is a scam.

2)    Seek guidance from seniors.
If you are a novice and ordering for the first time then seeking help from the ones who have already been benefiting from such websites can help you to avoid the bogus websites.

3)    Look for customer support services.
Search for genuine phone number, email address, fax number and other details. Send a query, wait for the response or call them for seeking help. If you get response within industry set standard time and satisfactory help, only then you should look for their services.

4)    Ask for postal address, if any.
Every registered company has its physical address. Even if it is website offering essay writing services online, it can have its own office wherefrom entire management and processing is accomplished.

5)    Ask for writer’s contact number.
If you are using services of a website, you should have the opportunity to communicate with the writer to check the credibility of the writer and the originality of the work.

6)    Look for Companies having Refund Policy.
Genuine companies offer refund policies incase the essay is delivered after deadline; it is of substandard quality or has been plagiarized.
If you want to avoid of the bogus essay websites, these guidelines can prove immensely useful to you. If you have been scammed, then cry and post it on essay scams to let others know so that others treading in your footsteps get a fair chance to avoid swindlers.

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