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Help Writing a Research Paper About Jeffery Dahmer

Thursday, Nov. 25th 2010

Often students are required to submit a research paper, that can be daunting and yet very exciting, one such example could be a research paper about Jeffery Dahmer. If you are looking for help writing a research paper about Jeffery Dahmer then you have landed on the right article.

Jeffery Dahmer was a registered sex offender and murder, who was beaten to death owing to his serial killings from the year 1978 to 1991.

To begin a research paper about Jeffery Dahmer you must first of all, conduct your preliminary research, for this purpose you may have to visit a local library, browse through criminal archives and surf the internet. Help writing a research paper about Jeffery Dahmer may also come from a bunch of interviews that you can carry out with law men, who were associated with the case.

Make sure, whenever you dig through a source, be it printed or online, you make a separate file for collecting all the information of various sources including the name of the author, date and place of publication, page number and the full title of the article, so that you may generate a complete bibliography in the end of the paper.

Now, time to produce an abstract that will give your readers, an over view of the entire subject at hand. In your abstract you must introduce the protagonist, his life, charges and a conclusive statement for your research paper.

You will now start penning down the body, the main text for your research paper about Jeffery Dahmer. You can start my dedicating a few paragraphs to his birth, family life, and how his background from a broken home affected his early years and his obsession with experimenting on dead animals.

You may also want to add a few lines, about his Grandmother, with who he spent a good amount of his life, you can talk about he dropped out of Ohio State University, owing to his alcoholism and then later joined the Army. Then talk about how two years later, upon discharge from the army he took advantage of the air ticket provided to fly down to Florida.

You will then talk of his disturbing fantasies and how he was fighting the vent his homosexual desires. You can start by highlighting his first murder, a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks. You can enlist all the possible murders, which have been known and proven to be committed by Jeffery Dahmer.

In the following few paragraphs, describe how he lured a victim into his apartment, bashed or often strangled to death, performed intercourse with the corpse and then cut the body into parts, often keeping organs and parts to eat occasionally.

Help writing a research paper about Jeffery Dahmer will also come if you elaborate on his two week long trial and how he was sentenced to 15 life terms; 957 years in prison. You can talk about his days in the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin and how beaten by a fellow inmate and died of a severe head trauma.

Adding one last paragraph describing the events after his death, from the sale of Dahmer’s Estate to provide for the victim families to Lionel Dahmer’s book, A Father’s Story, with donating a portion of the proceeds from his book to the victims and their families will also prove to be of great help writing a research paper about Jeffery Dahmer.

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