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Help With Writing Paper on Regulations of Smoking in Public Place

Thursday, Feb. 3rd 2011

When you looking for help with writing paper on regulations of smoking in public place, consider that smoking is the leading cause of ill health, and smoking causes cancer of the throat and lungs. Although smoking is banned in public places in many countries through regulations, many smokers ignore these rules and continue to pollute public places by their persistent smoking.

Next for help with writing term paper on regulations of smoking in public place, add the argument of smokers who believe that they are contributing to the economy. Cigarettes are a 14 billion industry in the US, and it pays billions of dollars in various taxes. Also there are around 600,000 farms where tobacco is grown, and three cigarette companies employ 36,000 people. The argument is that cigarette smokers support the economy with six billion dollars, which the non-smokers do not.

Also include providing help with writing paper on regulations of smoking in public place, that smoking in public places poses a serious health to even non smokers. Because people are learning more about this health hazard, smoking has now become a greater health issue for many people. The gases emitted from cigarettes are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrosamines, vinyl chloride, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and pyridine, which are very harmful to the smokers and passive smokers, who inhale these gases just by being in close proximity to these smokers.

As with all issues, smokers and non smokers both carry strong opinions and attitudes about smoking in public places. Self interest is the dominant issue amongst smokers and non smokers. Non smokers favor banning cigarette advertising, whilst smokers say that companies that pay contribute massively to employment and pay billions of dollars in taxes, should be free to peruse their business as they deem fit.

Non smokers advocate establishing laws to enforce regulations of smoking in public place. This would ensure no smoking in public areas. However, such laws would be impossible to enforce due to work overload of public health officials and other agencies that would have to enforce this no smoking in public areas. Science too has not produced any real proof that second hand smoke is dangerous to non smokers.

For more help with writing paper on regulations of smoking in public place, that separating the smokers from the non smokers would cost around 265$ a year just for the city of New York. Anti smoking regulations would also be expensive for employers. Due to such impracticalities, many trade bodies have lobbied against a no smoking bill.

Last for help with writing research paper on regulations of smoking in public place, state that if the government takes a more active role on not smoking in public places, it would never influence people, who consider smoking as their right.

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