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Help With Writing a Literary Research Paper

Thursday, Sep. 23rd 2010

Literature classes are incomplete without research papers. English teachers specially like to assign students to write literary pieces on various short stories, novels, dramas or poetries. Often students need help with writing a literary research paper and this guide will help you in accomplishing a great research paper that will make certain that you receive an A grade in your literary writing.

An important thing that you should first understand is that unlike high school research paper topics, where you could just simply state what the poem or story is about, at college level you need to present more than just that. You have to show that you comprehend the essence behind that story or poem, and give your own opinions and analysis on the literary text. Another help with writing a literary research paper is to study and analyze the work of other writers and researchers that have done work on the same literary pieces that you are studying.

Here are a few points that you could utilize or that you will need to help with writing a literary research paper.

1.       Most literary writings start off with quotations. This is a form of first impression and is aimed at engaging the reader from the start. Important thing to consider that help with writing a literary research paper is when using quotes, often students do not cite them totally, instead use only the part which is parallel to their argument. You should prohibit doing this and should cite them completely and appropriately, and use them only if they fit your argument completely.

2.       Grammar, tenses, punctuations, and spelling mistakes are unacceptable in a literary research paper at the college level. Since this is an English paper you need to pay specific attention to details such as grammatical errors, tenses and punctuation mistakes as this reflects poorly on your writing skills. Spelling mistakes can also harm your paper and make you look incompetent and unprofessional. You need to pay specific attention to these problems as they can change the meaning of an entire sentence and really hurt your research paper.

3.       Research is critical and with any academic writing it significantly help with writing a literary research paper. Once you select on a topic for your research paper, you should conduct an extensive research to collect relevant and reliable information. You should also check to see if a similar topic is already covered or not, to get ideas on your research topic.

4.       You should at least have three points to include in the body paragraphs and should contain supporting evidence to back your analysis. Make sure to include any references you use in your literary writings.

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