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Help With Term Paper Writing on Human Heart Transplant

Wednesday, Mar. 2nd 2011

For help with term paper writing on the first heart transplant, it is a surgical procedure to remove a damaged heart to be replaced with a healthy and functioning heart. The first successful human heart transplant was carried out in Groote Hospital at Cape Town in South Africa, by Dr. Christian Bernard who led a team of surgeons, and completed the transplant in 9 hours.

Mention in the term paper that the first transplant was done on Lewis Washansky, a fifty three year old grocer, and the donor was Denise Darvall, who was fatally injured by a drunk driver. Lewis only survived around 19 days, because the drugs administered to him to suppress the rejection of the heart by his body made him quite sick.

Further for help with term paper writing on the first heart transplant, mention that Dr. Christian Bernard experimented with animals before he performed the first heart transplant. Despite the death of Lewis Washansky, Dr. Bernard continued performing heart transplants, and the by the late 70’s people with transplants lived for up to 5 years after surgery.

Next do some research about the procedures, the benefits or the disadvantages of human heart transplants for your paper? Are transplants ethical? Should transplants be done, and what is the quality of life for a recipient of a transplant?

Now include some comments about whether heart transplant are a great medical achievement, or is it just like raising the dead for some time. The real miracle would be completely curing a person’s illness, with antibiotics or other medical and surgical procedures.

Help with term paper writing on the first heart transplant will also come if you add that the anti rejection drugs that the recipient has to take for the rest of their lives to prevent to ward off infections to their now suppressed immune systems is like trading one acute illness for another.

Write something about how the donor is usually someone who has been involved in a fatal accident and received acute head injuries, rendering the person brain dead. The other organs of the donor are kept alive with support systems to save other organs, specifically the heart and kidneys. The donor’s heart is stitched on to the recipients’ blood vessels.

To conclude help with term paper writing on the first heart transplant I suggest you mention that a heart transplant is basically a very big step for anyone. Many people question the ethics of heart transplants as an affront to God’s plan for life. However, transplants do save lives, and the person who is saved or lives longer does not debate the ethics or the involvement of any creed or religion. The only way to save more lives is to convince more people to sign up for organ donation.

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