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Help With College Paper Writing on Francis Fukuyama

Tuesday, Feb. 22nd 2011

For help with college paper writing on Francis Fukuyama’s declaration of End of history you can start with the fact that according to Francis Fukuyama, what the human race is witnessing is the end of mankind’s ideological evolution, and the universal acceptance of liberal democracy, as the last and final form of government.

You can describe the assertion of human rights in the West as secularization of Christine doctrine. With the middle classes acquiring affluence, a demand for political participation followed with demands for holding the government accountable for its actions and policies. The focal point of this demand also includes constant, stable and adequate earnings. Millions of people throughout the world are asserting their rights for liberalism.

Next in help with college paper writing on Francis Fukuyama’s declaration of End of history, elaborate that one of the greatest challenges for adaption of liberalism in the continuing poverty for many in the world. This is attributed to previous colonialism as being mainly responsible for this grinding poverty.

Another challenge to global liberalism is that it does not work universally, and the biggest hindrance to this is American hegemony. Another factor that can deter liberalism is culture, like radical Islam.  Nations at the brink of modernization may feel a sense of being overwhelmed, and are influenced by charismatic individuals like Osama Bin Laden, who promises them their true identity.

Then for  help with college paper writing on Francis Fukuyama’s declaration of End of history, research and explain how progress , science and technology has contributed to man’s economic progress over the past 10,000 years. Political modernization goes hand in hand with economic stability and modernization.

Fukuyama quotes China and Russia as the real test of his thesis. China and Russia are acquiring immense wealth, and if they remain authoritarian his thesis will be wrong, but if they adopt Western democracy and liberalism; this will conclusively prove this theory.

Write why Fukuyama reasons that technology is growing too fast take care of problems created by it. The most glaring example would be the climatic changes affecting all parts of the globe, including holes in the Ozone layer made because of technological progress.

Also for help with college paper writing on Francis Fukuyama’s declaration of End of history, research and discuss how society expresses itself in dealing with the threat and also the promise of biotechnology. Conservatives advocate strict government regulations, while liberals are of the opinion that the free market and Internet should take care of biotechnology. However, Fukuyama thinks that Europe may be heading toward conflict with its increasing immigration population, who still retain their own culture.

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