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Help in Opinion Paper Writing

Wednesday, Jan. 19th 2011

Opinion paper writing is written by combining personal and argumentative approaches. For writing an opinion paper, you do not need objectivity into the matter being written about. All that is needed is you base your arguments on a topic of your choice. Opposing viewpoints should be proven unconvincing in your essay with the help of suitable arguments and reasoning.

Begin your opinion essay papers with the subject that you are going to present and describe to what group or class your subject belongs to. The reader must get a clear picture of your ideas at the beginning of your essay. The topic of your choice will be in the format of questions, and after providing the answer give total details of it in the body paragraph.

When writing an opinion paper the following tips can prove useful. The introduction clearly stating the topic and the opinion of the author, supporting it by giving valid reasons and quoting examples. Also write opposing arguments that offset your convincing arguments. You must be firm in your own opinion about the topic you are writing about and discussing. Your views and reasons given in support of it must be in the form of a list.

In an opinion paper writing your paragraphs should be very well developed. Linking words must be used along with relevant phrases to join sentences. Every paragraph must be started with a topic sentence.

Some proven techniques for a good opinion paper writing, to start and conclude it would be: Use the first person in addressing the reader. Start your paragraph with a quotation, and include a either a thought provoking or a rhetorical question. Make a reference to some unusual situation or fact.

When stating your opinion bring into use the following proven expressions; As far as I am concerned, or I am not convinced, in my opinion or view, my feeling/opinion is such, I definitely believe/feel/think.

Basics to be followed in opinion paper writing; always express your views in a formal style, the introduction of the topic should be absolutely clear, and generalizations and quotations can be freely used.

Along with the above tips, there are certain don’ts that are applicable in opinion research paper writing; first and foremost never incorporate colloquial expressions in your essays, do not use abbreviations or short forms, avoid the use of emotive vocabulary.  If you have to quote statistics, do not quote them without proper references, do not over generalize your statements, and never give personal examples or examples that cannot be easily checked.

The conclusion must give a summary of outstanding points given in the essay, and reiterate the viewpoint of the writer using different words and expressions.

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