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Monday, Jan. 16th 2012

The Harvard format is one of the oldest and very well known styles in formatting world. The advantage of writing a paper in a Harvard format is that it’s widely recognized by many universities and institutions because of its simplicity that it uses to reference and which can be easily traced. This article on Harvard format writing help will allow students to get a proper idea of the Harvard format.

That Harvard format contains the header, identifying information, introduction, thesis statement, body, in-text citations and bibliography. The header will contain the page number and main keyword from the title. The page number is to be right-aligned and the title should be written at the top-left. The next page will have the identifying information which is basically the essay title, author’s name and school’s name. These are centered on the page horizontally and vertically.

The next page of the essay should have the introduction of the topic. It should include a rough view of what your topic about, because it’ll be explained briefly later on. After the introduction, the thesis statement has to be written. A thesis statement is usually a one line which is found in the introduction paragraph. In the body of the essay, the thesis will be explained in detail.

Furthermore, Harvard format writing help can come if you understand that explains the body of the essay. The body of the essay should include paragraphs that support the thesis which was made in the introduction of the essay. A detail view of the topic should be explained in the body paragraph. The body should include all the findings, analysis and overall theme of the topic in detail.

The in-text citation of Harvard format is almost same as the APA format. The in-text citation takes place in between the text that will state the authors name and date of publication. When the date of publication is not available, an approximate date can be used. In case, approximate date is not available either then no date is available is written in the form of “nd”. If the authors’ name is not available then anonymous is used as the name.

Before this article on Harvard format writing help ends, lets talks about the last part which is the bibliography. A bibliography is the sources used for the essay in Harvard style. All sources have to be defined in an organized manner with the authors name, date of publication and the book/link’s name provided.

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