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Hamlet is an eminent play written by the famous author, William Shakespeare in early 1500s’. The play was one of the most popular works of Shakespeare and is still listed in the top performer plays. Term paper on Hamlet represents the story of Hamlet; who was a prince of Denmark, portrayed the distress of insanity, revenge, pain, corruption and moral values.  This is the piece of work demonstrates the revenge taken by a young prince Hamlet, from his uncle Claudius, on account of his fathers’ murder and then married to his mother; Gertrude.

In the term paper on Hamlet, story begins with a cold night, when Hamlet saw a ghost, looked exactly like his father. King Hamlets’ ghost revealed the secret to his son that he was murdered by his uncle Claudius by pouring poison in his ear. He asked his son to take revenge from Claudius for that criminal act. Soon after that incident, Hamlet started thinking that how to take revenge from his uncle and he suddenly changed his behavior with everyone.

Polonius was Claudius’ chief counselor, had a son named Laertes and a daughter; Ophelia. Ophelia fell in love with Hamlet but was upset due to his cruel behavior. She noticed Hamlet’s changed attitude and informed her father about it. Polonius reported to Claudius, who took over the kingdom. To reveal the truth, Claudius sent his two associates Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to find out the reason of Hamlet’s changed behavior, also advised Ophelia to speak to Hamlet and fetch out what was running in his mind. Depressed Ophelia drove to insanity and eventually died by drown.

On the other side, Hamlet got a brilliant idea to present a play that portrayed the incident of his fathers’ death. Prince Hamlet wanted to observed Claudius’ facial expressions and reactions. When the crucial scene had been presented, Claudius hurriedly stood up and left the room, revealing the signals of crime he committed.

Claudius realized that Hamlet had reached to madness and intended to kill him, so he planned to send him England for political reasons under the spy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Hamlet decided not to go England and rather to taking revenge of his fathers’ murder.

Meanwhile Claudius was making plots to wipe out prince Hamlet, so he planned a fencing match between Laertes and Hamlet, as Laertes was expert in using swords, thus Hamlet was somewhat envious with him. The clever Laertes poured the tip of sword in poison, so that a little scratch can bring Hamlet to death. But luckily, Hamlet didn’t even get a scratch on his body; instead he snatched Laertes’s poisoned swords and wounded him badly. In Laertes’ dying moment, he revealed that Hamlet was trapped by Claudius.

The evil Claudius had also arranged poisonous wine to kill Hamlet, which was drunken by both of them and that brought death to both the souls. The term paper on Hamlet shows that always the battle ends in smoke. That dispute had spoiled two families at a time. The peak of raged had put four lives to death.

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