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Guidelines For a College Essay on Leo Tolstoy

Monday, Feb. 21st 2011

If you have to write a college essay on  Leo Tolstoy, begin the essay by writing something about his literary genius which showed in the writing of two of his  most popular and famous books, Anna Karenina and War and Peace.

In the college essay on Leo Tolstoy, write your thesis about his works in the first paragraph, and why these epic novels like War and Peace served to justify all the hopes and aspiration invested in literature. In his novel Anna Karenina, analyze the character of the heroine of the novel and inform the reader as to what you deduced about the character, and why you made these deductions.

Next in the guidelines for a college essay on Leo Tolstoy, explain why Tolstoy is considered the world’s greatest novelist, and how his inspiration came from famous literary figures of that period like Victor Hugo whom he met while on a trip to Paris. Write a few lines about his other talents as an essayist, dramatist and educational reformer.

Include in the guidelines for a college essay on Leo Tolstoy, how being impressed by the teachings of Jesus Christ, most specifically the Sermon on the Mount caused him to become a devoted Christian devoted to non violence.  This later influenced prominent twentieth century figures like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, who fought for their respective causes peacefully.

Also important in writing   guidelines for a college essay on Leo Tolstoy, is his reasoning that all states that wage war with the support of the church are an insult to the principles of Christianity as preached by Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount.

It would help in guidelines for a college essay on Leo Tolstoy, how Tolstoy not only used his own life experiences in his literature, but also created characters based on his image. His fiction is an attempt to write about the Russian society of the period in which he lived.

This would be the time to restate your thesis, with different words than those given in the introduction. Tolstoy created a new style which is applicable on moral and spiritual concerns. After converting to his own style of Christianity, Tolstoy completely changed his way of writing.

Include something in the guidelines for a college essay on Leo Tolstoy, by depicting his philanthropy. Although he was wealthy, he believed that he did not deserve this wealth, and distributed large sums of money amongst the peasantry.

After summarizing your thoughts on the character in your guidelines for a college essay on Leo Tolstoy, conclude your essay by making some very interesting comments about the character and life of Leo Tolstoy that will give your readers some food for thought.

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