Foreign vs. Domestic Cars Term Paper

06/07/10 10:55 AM

It is a common practice that when it’s about buying different accessories, gadgets or other personal items people often develop a compromising nature. But when it’s time to buy a personal car, they always check its reliability, quality standard and other personal expectations.

Now talking about the automobile industry, previously two issues with different perspectives were present i.e. quality matters of foreign and domestic cars were very common. But now a day the quality line between foreign car and domestic car is getting blurred. Both the options of foreign and domestic car are widely open. Let us examine different issues that may collide while buying a personal car.

The competitive advantage a foreign car gains over the domestic one is its premium and reliable quality. The foreign manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, Honda etc, rather than focusing on getting a huge volume out, their main concern is in getting high quality fixtures to produce a complete product with excellence.

Furthermore, when you talk about cars, it’s all about speed and swiftness. Import cars with small in size and lighter weight give shrilling momentum and excessive pace. On the other hand, that attribute of foreign car can be its drawback when you have to speed up your car in strong wind. When it’s come to rainstorm, its light weight may make it deficient for a stable and steady drive.

Highlighting the important point of buying a domestic car like Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, and Chevrolet etc is that it provides support to your economy. It means both the job and money will contribute in the economic development of your country.

Despite the facts that like foreign cars, domestic cars don’t provide good fuel economy but if you are interested in buying a second-hand car, a domestic car is the best option so far. Its low price offers you to own a personal car with high competitive quality standard and reduced cost.

Talking about reputation, here too foreign cars win. It gives tons of incentives. You can enjoy more miles per gallon in foreign cars than the domestic cars.

All in all, it’s not about buying a car focusing on the manufacturer, it’s all about reliability, dependability and steadfastness. Suffering from a headache is not the solution, just go for that car that simply meets your personal expectations.

Just check out its legal terms and condition and dress up to enjoy your long drive.

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    Sweet, that’s exactly what I was looking for! This might be it for my next car

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