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Feminism and Christianity Term Paper

Monday, May. 17th 2010

In this age of competition, we are at the place where women have broken all conventional society’s mold. Now, women are working at any post they choose, they are free to acquire any discipline they like and they are also leading political as well as social forums. Women today have all they want. There are two supposed backgrounds that women follow in this era, Feminism and Christianity.

There is great theoretical difference between these two; most of the people nowadays are following feminism, which is a new and most accepted one.

Feminism seeks to advance the equality of man and woman socially, spiritually, morally, religiously or at leadership level. Feminist argue that contribution of women is necessary for any religious and non-religious activities. They also believe that God does not discriminate men and women according to biologically-determined characteristics such as sex and race; hence they have premeditated their own principles.

The noble cause of feminism is focused on fighting for elimination of sexual discrimination, equal employment opportunity, advocating decent day care services, promoting equal education, helping battered women etc. They are also defending for sexual freedom of women and abortion rights. They also fight against male dominance in Christian marriage, ordination of women, reproductive rights etc.

It has been started in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Women who started this campaign worked for basic rights of women regarding inferiority of women within the church as well as in society. Feminism is now, completely entrenched itself into our society and culture.

In-contrast to feminism, Christianity determines specific roles of men and women within a society. According to this, men and women are designed for the mutual support of each other. God designed both of them to work together and to help each other. According to Bible, man and woman were made for very distinct purpose and a woman is helper of man in all social and religious issue. The Bible also evidently states the main hierarchy of family, which is not considered in feminism.

Traditionally, Christianity has given men authority in marriage, dominance in church, society and government. These benefits determine submissive roles of women, and exclude women from church leadership. But it doesn’t mean any inferiority. Despite this, Christianity regards women with dignity and respect, having been worked alongside men in any field of life. The Bible is seemed to be more elevating and honoring women in comparison with other religions or societies.

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