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Factors Related to Academic Success in High Schools

Wednesday, Apr. 7th 2010

The high school students at their prime youth always aspire to excel in their academic performance. Their zeal, energy, and enthusiasm rarely subside owing to ingrained and innate drive for excellence, outperforming and getting known in their circles.

As no one is born with inferior mental faculty, every one has dormant and unrevealed knack which gets known and exposed only when opportunity is availed to disclose it by giving extra ordinary performance. Therefore, success or failure at academic level is not driven by inherited intelligence or any other external factor, neither is it based on hard work, luck or mere chance but rather it exclusively relies on the learned skills and strategies that young students adopt in their academic life. This is evident from the fact that some students who study less but demonstrate rocking performance while the other students who work from dawn to dusk and burn midnight oil but rarely get a chance to claim any big academic triumph.

Success or failure, therefore, is guided not by thinking but by skills and strategies. Any student who aspire to demonstrate visible and extraordinary performance need to review and learn following skills:

  1. Writing Skills

Ability to write intelligently, precisely, candidly always results in excellent academic grades. Those students who have that ability are able to express their ideas in the form of words. Many students who have deep and comprehensive knowledge of particular topic or subject but they are unable to express it in the written form just only because of their lack of writing skills, which ultimately results in either just average or below average performance.

  1. Reading Skills

Students who know how get most of the precious limited time also know how to read and learn maximum and shine in academic performance. All of us have same time, same number of hours but some benefit from it enormously while some just keep wandering and benefit nothing at all. Students who have learn superb reading skills learn maximum form minimum time and perform very well. While others who just spend maximum hours without taking account of what they have learnt ultimately end up with fatigue, exhaustion, and frustration.

  1. Speaking skills

This is believed to be vital for success in academic life. Students who are able to express their ideas very well and are in a position to get their message to others give better performance than the ones who are spending their time being dumb without uttering a word in the class.

  1. Listening skills

Listing is one of the most important elements in academic life. Getting the message of the instructor the same way as it is intended proves to be very useful. Students who have ability to listen very well, grasp, and absorb as much information as possible and render, comparatively better performance than the ones who just listen for sake of listening not for understanding.

Therefore, if students improve upon these skills can perform very well in their academic life and they can ultimately win applaud, honor and awards for their learned skills.

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