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Example of a Research Paper on Leadership Styles

Thursday, Jan. 13th 2011

This is an example of a research paper on leadership styles. Through this example, we would provide you with hints and guidelines on how to search and write on the topic of leadership styles. You can find many examples of a research paper on leadership styles on various websites, but this article will guarantee that you have all the necessary guidelines to write a excellent essay term papers.

Although it may seem that writing a research paper on the mentioned topic is easy, it does not appear so. Research on leadership styles has been carried out almost in all years. This leads to the point of how to make your research stand out from those researches.

You start by providing an introduction on leadership, its importance and implications in general Write about what role leadership plays in different situations. For this you can refer to many books and journals easily available in the public library or online databases. In the introduction part, lead the readers to the part where you introduce your main topic of leadership styles. Keep it brief as the details will follow in the later part of the research paper.

It is advised to keep the research paper based more on the practical side rather than the theory side. Not many people are interested in reading pages and pages of theory but rather its practical example to which they can relate. The topic of leadership styles can provide countless real-world examples that readers would be interested in. For this reason, you have to conduct a thorough research.

Now you can introduce your topic in detail. There are three basic types of leadership styles: democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire. Other than these, the contemporary leadership styles include transformational, transactional and servant styles. You have to provide details about these styles along with their implications. Provide at least three to five examples of each type.

You can also write about any combination in which these styles are use and provide examples for it as well. You can write briefly about the what qualities does an effective leader possess in context with different leadership styles. Try not to jumble up the ideas in one paragraph, but provide different headings for different sub-topics.

To write an excellent research paper, you can also provide one or two case studies of any organizations where these styles are regularly used. Give a conclusion in the end summing up your findings and provide recommendations if there are any.

The above mentioned guidelines are just an example of research paper on leadership styles. You are always welcome to use your own ideas and incorporate them in your research paper.  Remember to proof-read the research paper.

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