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Ethical Issues in Organ Donation Term Paper

Tuesday, Aug. 24th 2010

Organ donation is recognized as one of the greatest achievements of medical surgery. These modern medical techniques have been proven to be a blessing for those poor livings beings who were dooming towards death. But receiving the body parts and acquiring new life is not an isolated issue, the fact is that it has raised many ethical issues and controversies in the society. Now to write a term paper on ethical issues in organ donation just follow the mentioned guidelines.

You may start your ethical issues in organ donation term paper notifying the root causes that give birth to these ethical problems. According to a survey report, on daily basis around 74 people receive a life saving organ donation, but on the other hand, approximately 19 die because of the shortage in the supply of these organs. There is a huge gap between supply and demand of human organs for transplantation. It is due to this reason most patients’ condition gets worse) by the time organ gets available for transplantation. As a result death rate increases.

Next in your ethical issues in organ donation term paper you may provide your readers with the effects these unfortunate conditions have brought. It has broached many ethical, societal and moral issues related to the supply of organs, volunteers that is organ donors and the procedures involved in organ allocation.

You may also highlight the critical and shocking conditions that have encountered the procedures and dealings of organ transplantation.  In some part of the world, the practice of organ sale has taken a shape of wide spread business. The poor and needy people are abused and exploited. Their kidney, lungs, bone marrow etc got stolen from their bodies for financial gains of the wicked entrepreneur.

In addition to this, you may add in your ethical issues in organ donation term paper about the significance of the laws and policies attached with organ transplantation. Actually these rules are for the benefit of both donor and receiver. These procedures deal with the degree of risk involved for both the parties. The fact is that these ethical issues cover each factor that may be involved in the organ transplantation. It includes procedures and proceedings for living donors, principles adopted in organ donation from deceased, approval from the family of deceased and altruistic donors etc.

Now you may conclude your ethical issues in organ donation term paper giving honor and dignity to those who contribute in saving people`s lives.

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