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Essay Tips on Effects of Apartheid in South Africa

10/03/11 8:58 AM

For college essay help tips on effects of apartheid in South Africa, you can define Apartheid as laws, which were made to maintain the white minority rule over the black majority population. The word “Apartheid” means ‘separateness’.  Although blacks were victimized since the whites gained supremacy over the blacks, apartheid officially started in 1948.

The racist apartheid laws kept the majority blacks deprived of any participation in the economy, as the laws made it impossible for blacks to obtain lucrative jobs, or earn money by any other means. Women, who attempted to earn some income by brewing beer commercially, were raided by the police and termed as ‘deviants’.

Next for college paper help tips on effects of apartheid in South Africa, include that the white minority enjoyed a standard of living comparable to any developed western country, while the blacks were forced by discriminatory laws into the lowest possible standard of living, which resulted in low life expectancy amongst the blacks.

The real reason for apartheid was that the white minority needed cheap labor. A large number of blacks worked on white owned farms for pitiable wages, and access to urban areas and better paying jobs was denied to the blacks by the white racist regime. These laws enabled whites to confine the blacks to poor rural areas known as Bantustans. These areas were held in deliberate poverty, as part of the racist strategy to stifle the economic prosperity of the black South Africans.

These laws also enabled the racist regime to confine the blacks to places where their labor was most needed, like on white owned farms. The laws also resulted in massive arrests of black people, who were then transported to white farms to serve as labor. Emigration controls were tightened to prevent the blacks from leaving the white farm areas for the cities.

Next in e college essay help tips on effects of apartheid in South Africa, I would suggest you add that it was women who suffered the most under the white racist regime. Women suffered from both racial and gender segregation. Women under apartheid had absolutely no legal rights, no access to education, and under the law could not own property. Women faced the reality of lifelong poverty, which increased the mortality rate of children who suffered from acute malnutrition.

South Africa became a republic following a white’s only referendum. Apartheid was condemned by every country in the world. The system led to the isolation of South Africa from all economic global, social and political activities. This isolation eventually led to the end of apartheid in South Africa.

The African National Congress had struggled for their rights since 1925, and with the dismantling of apartheid, the elections made Nelsen Mandela of the African National Congress the first black president of South Africa in 1994.

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