Embryonic Stem Cell Research Paper

11/01/11 1:30 PM

Biology or science students are mostly required to carry out researches according to their interests but staying in the respective subject domain. A common favorite amongst the students is to choose embryonic stem cell research paper.  Although the topic is broad enough, students still have many problems in dealing with this topic. In this article, we have provided you with some hints and interesting ideas on how to write a perfect embryonic stem cell research paper.

For starters, make sure you understand and comprehend the word stem cells. The introduction part of the research paper has to be clear and precise so that the instructor knows what you are talking about and whether you are capable of doing justice to the chosen topic or not. For instance, you can start by defining the term ‘cells’, ‘stem cells’ and then ‘embryonic stem cells.’

If possible and you have access to a lab, you can conduct a preliminary research before writing on the topic. You can share the results from the lab test in your research paper which would show your ability and understanding of the topic.

Embryonic stem cell custom research paper is a very broad topic. Therefore, it is advised that you narrow down your scope so that you can concentrate on one aspect of the topic. This will provide you with a direction in which you should gather your research instead of just trying to include everything you find. Just keep in mind the requirements provided by the instructor to get the best possible evaluation.

You can talk about the advancements in the genetic science or genomic science which is on the verge of changing the approaches to treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and spinal injury and so on. This could be one aspect that you can cover. You can also focus on the ethical considerations on embryonic stem cell research and its implications. Whichever aspect you choose to follow, be sure to add the controversies surrounding the embryonic stem cell research as the paper would be incomplete without it.

The embryonic stem cell research paper should be written in the same manner and process as other research papers. The difference comes in the method section where a student might use qualitative, quantitative or exploratory methods. Since this is a current Biotechnology issue, it would be great if first-hand interviews are used in the paper. These interviews could be from specialists working in the stem cell research or any other personality involved in it.

The embryonic stem cell research paper can help you answer whether or not this kind of research is worth the cost or not. Hope these hints would able you to research and write an excellent paper.

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