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Easy Format For Research Paper Writing

Thursday, Sep. 23rd 2010

Every student will have to come across a time when they have to submit a research paper for a specific course or an area of study. Normally this is required by each student at the end of their academic year for that particular course and may add significantly to a student’s grade point average. Many students keep searching for an easy format for research paper writing, as often students have no clue to how to go about the research paper.

It is also important to recognize that there are many different easy format for research paper writing. Mostly teachers and professors explain the intricacies they require from students and state what they expect from their research endeavor. It also depends on what type of research paper you are undertaking whether it is a critical, analytical, or descriptive research paper – all have different requirements to full and therefore each have different formats for research paper writing.

However, unless otherwise stated, you should follow the similar essay structure and therefore I have compiled an easy format for research paper writing to ease your concern.


Introduction is the first step in the easy format for research paper writing. You should use this paragraph to state the thesis statement and explain the purpose of your research paper. You should very briefly comment on what is going to be followed in the rest of the paper, highlighting the key elements of your research paper. Thesis statement should be carefully formulated as it shows your point of view on the topic under discussion. You should also state what it the research paper is intended to accomplish.

Body paragraphs

The body of the easy format for research paper writing usually consists of at least three paragraphs. You should at least have three minimum arguments that you could present in those three paragraphs, providing supporting evidences and facts for each argument. These three paragraphs are the one that you should use to prove or disprove the topic. All the research material, interpretations, methods and techniques will be employed in these body paragraphs to prove the thesis statement.


Last of the easy format for research paper writing involves formulating a comprehensive and convincing conclusion. This is where you summarize your analysis and briefly restate the main points used in the body paragraphs to support your thesis statement. Make sure to proof read all your work and this is the time where you make last minute changes that you want to include in your research paper. In addition, remember to cite all the references you use in your research paper to avoid plagiarism charges.

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