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A dissertation or a thesis is defined as a book-length report or essay required by a student for a doctorate or master’s level degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings. Dissertations are anticipated to formulate a novel and original contribution to a subject or an area of interest; or to exhibit a student’s distinction and brilliance in any field of study. This is why dissertation titles are of utmost importance since much research and effort is put into writing the dissertation.

The first page of your dissertation is the first impression of your entire work and the dissertation title is the most significant aspect of the first page. Therefore careful considerations needs to be taken for intricate details when preparing the first page, such as the font size and spacing of the title, applying unnecessary pictures, schemes, or tables, the color of the title page etc. You need to be clever in selecting dissertation titles as this is crucial to the overall value and worth of your essay.

Clearly a fresh dissertation title reflects on your innovativeness and creativity but it does not necessarily need to be pioneering or completely original for it to be effective. You could work on an old concept or theory with a novel approach or from a diverse viewpoint to contribute new findings. Selecting dissertation titles can be very tricky and you need to carefully devise a title that adds purpose to your essay. Here are a few tips that you could use that will help you select a perfect dissertation title.

1.    You need to have a clear mind and know where you’re headed when selecting dissertation titles, as this helps you from losing focus and keeps you on track.
2.    Without wasting much time engage in extensive research and read to come up with a relevant dissertation title.  Taking notes while taking lectures and reading books, articles, journals really help you in coming up with a nice title. Taking suggestion from friends can also help.
3.    Dissertational titles must be devised according to your field of study and should concentrate on a genuine issue or question.
4.    It is very important to formulate a dissertation title that is of interest to you. This is particularly important as it motivates your work ethic and lets you stay focused. Typically if your title is in line with your prospective career, then it really adds quality to your dissertation.
5.    Select a title that creates room for further study and expansion and you can add novelty and change by contributing with your original work. But at the same time it should be manageable, meaning it should not be too broad an issue and needs extra research that it cannot be finished in time.

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