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Writing a Developing Your Employees Term Paper or Essay

Thursday, Oct. 28th 2010

The first step to writing a developing your employees term paper or essay is to first understand the benefits of an employee development program to the company. You need to first create a layout of what steps you can take to develop employees of a company and how it will result in not only benefiting the company itself but also benefiting the employees. Companies are committed towards constant growth by continuously fostering employee development. Many employees are attracted to companies that can help them increase their knowledge and skills.

When writing a developing your employees essay term paper you can mention how implementing an employee development program can provide a win win solution to both the company and employees, meeting both their requirements.

In writing a developing your employees term paper or essay, you can also include several ways a company can put into practice to motivate employees as well as maintain a work environment that fosters learning and desire to constantly improve. Some more of these important ways you can include and elaborate on in writing a developing your employees term paper or essay on are:

  • Implement a mentoring program: Allowing the junior members of the team in a company to pair up with a senior member as a mentor who can provide him/her with coaching, counselling and advice on career development. This is a great way to allow all employees to learn from one another.
  • Develop an employee training program: training should be arranged for all employees that is related to their job; not only when the employee first joins the company but also on an ongoing basis to continuously help them grow and improve.
  • Reward high performers: incentives (both monetary and non-monetary) and recognition are one of the best ways to not only retain high performing employees but also to keep them motivated to perform better.
  • Encourage creative learning: Organizations have a huge competitive advantage in the employee’s creativity and imagination and should make the best of it. Therefore these organizations need to develop a method to allow employees to voice their opinion, share ideas with management and make suggestions for the business.
  • Provide coverage of tuition cost: By covering the cost of tuition for employees, it can encourage them to take courses to improve and expand on their knowledge and skills related to the job and can therefore help them perform better.

The guidelines mentioned above should prove beneficial in your task of writing a developing your employees term paper or essay. As always, proof read your work before submission.

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