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Correct Format For Writing a Bibliography For a Research Paper

Saturday, Nov. 20th 2010

Among many other significant aspects of a research paper, a bibliography holds an imperative position. In order to make your research paper, free of accusations against plagiarism, a bibliography is fundamental and helpful.

The correct format for a writing a bibliography for a research paper depends on the style of format being used in the paper, as different fields of study have their own selected standard formats to follow.

To know a correct format for writing a bibliography for a research paper you must first need to know what is a bibliography and exactly how it is assembled. In every research paper that is being pen down, an individual uses an ample amount of sources, whether quoted exactly or rephrased, a bibliography is a particular part of the paper, where one cites all the authors whose texts or articles have been mentioned or borrowed in a research paper.

Bibliography for a research paper is usually placed at the end of the paper, with author’s last name cited alphabetically. The process of developing a bibliography starts from the point of your preliminary research, indicating the name of the author, date and place of publication, page number and the full title of the article from the very first day of research will help save time and effort. With all the data collected in a separate file, it will be easier to compile and assemble in a list at the end.

It is important to consider, that each style format demands the presentation of the bibliography in a different format. For example  the correct format for writing a bibliography for a research paper using the APA or MLA style, references are alphabetically ordered by the surname of the author. You must follow one format throughout the paper and avoid confusing the reader, all the entries must place using hanging indent, with title of the work mentioned in case no other information is available.

You must also know that each format style asks you to present the citations, in varied form if taken from a book with one author, book with two authors, edited book, journal article or even an article from an online journal. If you are using a printed source then you must collect: author name, title of the publication (and the title of the article if it’s a magazine or encyclopedia), date of publication, the place of publication of a book, the publishing company of a book, the volume number of a magazine or printed encyclopedia and the page number(s).

If your research paper requires an online source then mention: author and editor names (if available), title of the page (if available), the company or organization who posted the webpage, the Web address for the page (called a URL) and the last date you looked at the page.

Another thing to be kept in mind when selecting a correct format for writing a bibliography for a research paper is to give plenty of revisions, keeping in mind every comma, full stop, bracket, capitalization just to make sure your bibliography is free of any errors.

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