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Controversial Research Paper Topics

Tuesday, Jun. 8th 2010

Research paper topics can either be run of the mill or they can be controversial and interesting. In theory, it doesn’t matter which category you select as long as the research is detailed and solid. However, if you want your paper to be unique and make yourself stand out in the eyes of the professor, it isn’t a bad idea to consider selecting controversial research paper topics.

These topics are such that you will not only have to know how to debate and argue but also be clear about your main belief. In addition to that, you should also know how to change a common opinion, if needed. The theme that you select should be strong enough to grip you as well as the person who ultimately reads it.

The good news is that our world is peppered with contradictory events, extraordinary people and notorious issues so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to zero in on the best controversial research paper topics. Your basic aim will be to let the reader know about your thought-process and mindset.

That being said, the topic that you select should have the ability to stand up to arguments and discussions. If you pick one that can be supported by a sizeable number of facts, you will hardly have any opportunity to talk about your opinion or hold up an argument for too long. The topic should be difficult but not vague and it should be able to produce one concrete answer but not a probable one. In addition to that, it should challenge your intellect and the reader’s opinions so that there is no choice but to carry out heated debates and hence, formulate concrete judgments.

This doesn’t mean that the subject should be vague and unclear- quite the contrary actually. The nature should be such that it provides enough food for thought.

Controversial here doesn’t have to mean scandalous- there is no need for your topic to have any shock value at all. It should just have enough depth to make people look at an issue from a new perspective and consider changing their view point to yours. Naturally, you should give enough details about the background so that nobody feels the inclination to question you or put you in a tough spot. If you can do that, the entire motive of writing the paper will be fulfilled.

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