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Computer Hardware Maintenance Term Paper

Thursday, Jul. 1st 2010

Just buying a computer and placing it on your desk for all eternity is not the way to handle an investment. Routine computer hardware maintenance is necessary if you wish to lead a hassle free computer experience. You do not want to see your hardware give up on you as it can cost in terms of repair, replacement, loss of valuable data and loss of time. This article ‘computer hardware maintenance tips’ provides useless tips on ensuring the longevity of your computer.

Power supply

The power supply unit is the heart of the system. Erratic power is one of the main causes of dying hardware components such as the motherboard and its capacitors. You must make sure you purchase a branded power supply unit that is more than capable of reaching your power requirements. This is the first tip towards computer hardware maintenance.


Dust gives humans allergies, and it can cause the same problem with computer hardware. It can clog and accumulate in circuits, slots, contacts, ventilation ducts and fans. If not taken care of, this dust solidifies and prevents the optimal functioning of the system.  Therefore use an industrial strength dust blower to clean the inside of your casing at-least twice a month.


Rust is the universal killer of metallic objects. In some climates it can severely compromise your computer hardware maintenance. Rust is quick to catch onto the copper contacts of circuits, cables and the motherboard which can hinder the flow of current. It is important to keep your computer hardware in a neutral environment and away from direct heat, sunlight or cool, moist air.


Heat is one of the main causes for accelerating the depreciation of the hardware. Heat causes greater wear and tear on the circuits and metal points. For proper computer hardware maintenance it is important you place the casing in an open area where there is plenty of air flow. You may have to install extra cooling fans to be on the safe side.

Backup power – UPS

You may need to install an uninterrupted power supply unit to ensure the complete protection of your computer in terms of adequate and stable power. This ensures that each hardware component gets its due share of power ensuring optimal operation.

General hygiene

Having a clean and sparkling system is the last step of guaranteeing computer hardware maintenance. Wipe the peripherals so they remain dust and smudge free.

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