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College Research Paper on Cancer Disease

Saturday, Jan. 22nd 2011

Cancer is one of the severe classes of diseases where exponential or abnormal growth is evident in the cells. There are several types of cancers that are classified by the type of cell affected. It harms the body when damaged cells form into lumps or masses of tissue known as tumors. They release hormones that disturb body function and interfere with digestive, nervous and respiratory system.

Cancer disease is the result of cells that uncontrollably grow and do not expire. In simpler words, it is disturbance in the process of cells formation that leads to development of abnormal cells.

In order to write your college research paper on cancer disease, you need to give an account on what is cancer. This should include how the abnormal growth in cells is taking place. You should also highlight symptoms of cancer. Specifically point out scientists and doctors who have specialized in oncology and have devoted themselves for developments in remedies to this disease. Provide an analysis based on their findings.

While writing your college research paper on cancer disease, give details on the causes of cancer and other medical factors that are attached. The most critical part of your research paper is defining research objectives. This will help you focus on what you aim to achieve from this research. It is mandatory that your problem statement, objectives and justifications are aligned.

Carry further by providing justifications for your college research paper on cancer disease. These should define specific reasons of conducting this research. In simpler terms, the scope of your research paper should be crisp and clear. You need to include the classifications of cancer and support them with the process of diagnostics. Also, describe the method by which a particular stage is predicted.

In the later stage of your college research paper on cancer disease, define ways through which cancer is treated. Firstly, discuss about surgery by including a detailed procedure. Move on by talking about various therapies such as: radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and gene therapy. Give additional knowledge to readers by highlighting ways through which cancer can be prevented.

Define your research methodology. This shall describe the method used in collecting the information and why a particular method is in use. Further, it will explain the sampling methodology that will be in use and how data will be collected using a sampling technique. The data collected shall be analyzed and presented in the form of descriptive statements, figures and tables.

Write your conclusion, promoting further researches and developments in oncology for cure to the sufferers. Provide a set of references for the information used.

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