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College Paper Help on Biological Weapons

24/02/11 8:29 AM

Biological weapons are weapons made from living organisms. These biological weapons target vegetations, animals and humans. They also contaminate natural resources such as air and water.

If you are looking for college paper help on biological weapons, this article will help you. Before writing a college paper on biological weapons, do brainstorming. With the help of brainstorming you will generate many points and ideas for your paper. After generating ideas from your mind, start collecting information from external sources. These sources include different books of biology and the Internet. These information resources will give you college paper help on biological weapons.

Once you have collected the information, start writing your college paper. Initially make a first draft. Start with an introduction of biological weapons. Give a brief history of biological weapons. After giving the introduction of your college paper, write the body. Describe various ways for using biological weapons such as they may be disseminated through air spray, explosions etc.

Describe how biological weapons are detected. Discuss the role of Environmental Detection and Monitoring Program, Epidemiological Surveillance and Medical Diagnostics etc. Discuss various diseases caused by biological weapons. Discuss various protective measures that can be taken against biological weapons. You may describe protective clothing, personal protective equipments and medical protections. Discuss the role of antibiotics and vaccinations as well.

Describe signs of various diseases caused by biological weapons and how these diseases are diagnosed. Describe various treatments for diseases caused by biological weapons. Describe biological warfare agent. There are various types of biological weapons such as Anthrax, Smallpox, Plague etc. Briefly describe different characteristics of these biological weapons.

Highlight advantages and disadvantages of biological weapons. Some advantages include the proliferating capacity of biological weapons and low cost to produce. Explore and write other advantages as well. One of the disadvantages of biological weapons includes their dependence on climate and other environmental factors. Describe the other disadvantages as well.

Describe the psychological effects of biological weapons on population such as threat of dying due to diseases. Discuss strategic concerns of biological weapons. Describe how biological weapons can be used more effectively.

You may also compare biological weapons with other forms of weapons. Mention and describe the Biological Weapons Classification. Describe who uses these biological weapons such as they are used by superpowers, states and terrorists. Discuss how biological weapons are combined with the other weapons. Discuss the use of biological weapons in the battle of Tortona, French War and the Indian War.

In the end of your college paper give a conclusion. In the conclusion you will highlight important points and summarize biological weapons. Give recommendations to your audience that helps them in taking precautions against biological weapons. Describe that how attack of biological weapons on a population can be detected such as any unusual diseases, multiple diseases, dead animals etc.

In the end compose the final draft of your college paper. Therefore this article will give you college paper help on biological weapons.

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