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College Interview Tips and Strategies

Monday, Apr. 12th 2010

Great ambitions, wonderful aspirations, inspiration from academic record breakers, struggle for outperforming academic movers and shakers, always opting for excellence, and striving to get into number one college/school. These are some of the characteristics that are visible in warm blooded, vision oriented and future focused young college students who want to go a step ahead for their peers and predecessors. Every student wants to be excellent performer and aspires to seek admission in the top ranking college. But is that enough to dream about brilliance, distinction and resounding success? What steps, means and strategies college students will have to learn to attain what they aspire to achieve.  Following are the tips and strategies that can help college students to perform far better and excel in their respective areas of interest, coupled with their innate and inherited talent, aptitude and intelligence.

  1. Search and decide in which college you want to get in.

Today there are many colleges offering various courses and other educational services. Some of these colleges are in the leading position to polish the skills of students and enable them to confront almost every challenge they come across. While some of the colleges are engaged in the financial transactions with students and their parents. The alumni of such colleges find it quite challenging to challenge the brilliantly polished students of top ranked colleges. Therefore, it is a matter of utmost importance to decide in which college to get admission. Search and evaluate very well.

  1. How to get into the chosen college.

After doing enormous college searching, evaluation and final selection, the next step is how to get into that preferred college. Determine how application process is done, tests and test formats, interviews and orientation. Some colleges have rigorous admission testing process.

  1. How to ace in college interview.

In order to stand out and outperform in the interview make a deliberate effort to collect and compile a list of interview questions that can be possibly asked during interview. Approach seniors who have already passed this phase of admission process, have grip on your subjects you have studied so far and arrange some one to conduct your mock interview.

  1. Practice … practice and practice.

As it is said that the practice makes man perfect, this maxim is equally applicable to the interview preparation. Arrange some one who can conduct your mock interview critically, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Your mock interviewer can be your parents, friends, colleagues and teachers. Invite their criticism regarding mock interview and improve upon the areas where they recommend you to get better. Initially this entire process may look rather queer and strenuous but can guarantee you the accomplishment that you desire to achieve. Repeat and rehearse this entire process until you feel pretty comfortable with mock interview.

  1. Be confident in actual interview.

Interview is believed to be nerve-racking, intimidating and confidence shaking. However, this is going to be quite undemanding endeavor for you if you have practiced enough beforehand in the form of two to three mock interviews. During interview be relaxed, confident and receptive to the questions being put up. Answer questions intelligently without hesitation, trembling and stumbling. Try to convey good impression before interviewer through unfaltering communication that you are a right candidate for them and interested in the interview. Make an impression that you don’t want to skip the interview, demonstrate it through self-confidence, communication, gestures and postures. Try to make the interview interactive, it needs to look like a two way conversation.

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