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College Essay on The Causes Which Led to Suicide

Monday, Mar. 14th 2011

For tips to writing a successful college essay on the causes which led to suicide in “Anna Karenina”, this can be attributed as the solution that Anna thought to the problem of social oppression. In the society in which Anna lived it was thought that the only way that a woman could have absolute control over her own life was to end it.

Anna is portrayed as a tragic heroine in the novel.  Anna’s tragedy is the result of social oppression. She is the victim of a male dominated society, in which strong minded women do not have place or standing. Anna is a self confident, talented woman of great beauty. She is married to a government official, because of which she has prominence amongst her friends and contemporaries. The problem is that there are no venues for her skills and this is probably the reason that she indulges in an affair with Vronsky. Although Anna rejected Vronsky initially, she finally succumbs to his attentions.

Included in the tips to writing a successful college essay on the causes which led to suicide in “Anna Karenina”, are that Anna’s suicide has different answers to different people. The loss of her family because of her affair with Vronsky, and the change in her character combine to make most of her decisions meaningless. Her tragic end although tragic in itself, creates as sense of deprivation of the good things wasted in life.

Also the role of Anna as a tragic heroine cannot be defined easily. Anna embodies the criteria of a heroine of a classical tragedy. She is a prominent figure in her circle, and her behavior causes her downfall and her friends leave her because of her affair with Vronsky. Anna’s character contains a fatal flaw, as she seeks solutions to her difficulties from the people she meets, with no success. Although social norms did in the end lead to Anna’s tragic end, they are not however the sole reasons for it.

Also for tips to writing a successful college paper on the causes which led to suicide in “Anna Karenina”, I would day that Anna is rejected from society and looked down upon once her affair Vronsky becomes widely known. The feeling that she cannot return to Moscow of St. Petersburg, cities that she regards as representing family and society are deciding factors for her decision in ending her life.

Leo Tolstoy considered morality an important aspect of life, and because Anna is shown as an immoral person, he feels that a tragic ending best suits Anna. Tolstoy himself was basically opposed to feminism, and the concept of Anna as a strong, successful female character is specifically alien to him.

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