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College Essay on Issues of Age Discrimination At Workplace

Thursday, Feb. 3rd 2011

Students enrolled in sociology courses may be assigned to write their college essay on issues of age discrimination at workplace. Age discrimination is an increasingly occurring issue in the corporate sector. Reports say it is now starting as early as the mid-thirties, and may consider as out of frame by the time you reach your forties.

Due to the severity of this issue students are often told to write their college essay on issues of age discrimination at workplace. Therefore this article is aimed at providing you a few guidelines on how to write a college paper on issues of age discrimination at workplace.

First off you should point out how grave the issue of age discrimination at workplace has become. Therefore you’re introduction will comprise of facts and figures on reports stating age discrimination at workplace. You should make the reader understand what the issue is all about and highlight the main points that cause or give rise to age discrimination at workplace.

Next in the body paragraph you should describe in detail the brief points that you highlighted in the introduction. You should take a separate paragraph to explain each problem. You should talk about how old or experienced applicants are discouraged due to increased expenses, such as higher salary, pension, benefits and perk costs, and others. Other reasons include various studies that counter the premise that experience workers are better at doing their jobs. You may also refer to some statistics that show increase in number of potential employees.

Furthermore, you can provide advice or strategies in your college term paper on issues of age discrimination at workplace that “old” employees should adopt to get employed. You can find plenty of information on the Internet and magazines that you can mention in your essay regarding tips for job searching and writing resumes and cover letters, particularly for older job seekers. You should also provide suggestions on how to appear for interviews. This would include presenting yourself as positive and accommodating, and most of all support your skills and success through your experience.

You may also present laws that provide protection against age discrimination. You may also give reference to The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) that protect candidates over 40 from discrimination on the basis of age, promotion, discharge, rewards and others.

Finally you should give your own opinions and point of view on age discrimination at workplace. Also provide for any references you use in your college essay on issues of age discrimination at workplace.

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